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The Kajukenbo pages here at Kajukenbo.Org include a list of kajukenbo schools so you can find a kajukenbo school in your area, a kajukenbo family tree also referred to as the Kajukenbo Online Family Tree, Kajukenbo History, instructions for the Kajukenbo Email List, a listing of upcoming Kajukenbo events, a Kajukenbo photo gallery including a section for Kajukenbo patches, a place to learn about and buy Kajukenbo videos, Kajukenbo books, Kajukenbo articles, Kajukenbo apparel, and much more.

The major branches of Kajukenbo are Kajukenbo Kenpo Karate (traditional hard style or Emperado Method), Chuanfa (aka Chu'an Fa), Tum Pai, and Wun Hop Kuen Do. Sometimes Kajukenbo is spelled Kajukembo, with an "M" instead of an "N". This is due to a translation error and though commonly accepted is not grammatically correct.

Sijo Adriano Emperado is the founder of Kajukenbo, although the art was actually developed by a group he was part of called the Black Belt Society. The Black Belt Society consisted of masters in Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kosho-Ryu Kenpo, Kung Fu and Boxing. Kajukenbo has been nick-named "The Perfected Art of Dirty Streetfighting," and is widely known for both its practical hands-on approach to realistic streetfighting and the brutality of training.

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